Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome Home: No Time for Writing When You're Doing Housework

Sheer exhaustion.  That's the only way to explain the last two months.  As many know, in April we moved in with my in-laws.  After living there for two weeks we found our dream house.  Some questioned whether any house with a toilet and four walls would have been a dream house after living with my in-laws for only a day.

After 6 weeks we closed and were all ready to move in.  Not so fast.

We had a number of projects that "needed" to be completed, but the biggest project was having new carpets installed.  It took about a month for the carpet to come in and be installed.  During that time we spent nights and weekends, painting, replacing the downstairs flooring, and various other projects.  A couple of little projects resulted in full remodels.   In the powder room we just wanted to replace the flooring, pulled out the sink, which then cracked.  Of course that led to a new bathroom.

Everything looks great, we're still remodeling the house, but living in it now.  We've ripped out a bunch of doors and are replacing all of the trim.   Exhausting.  The boxes keep showing up.  My wife said "we have alot of stuff." No shit, we're pack rats, just like our parents.

Oh yeah, and we're trying to be parents.  The simple task of hanging pictures takes an extra three hours when yelling "Toothless don't hit Tiny with that stick" or "no, you can't paint the cat!"  And then, at around 8:30 a.m. the "I'm bored"'s kick in. "You've only been up for 20 minutes you little ...."

Thinking that we're being generous, we decided to take the kids to the pool for a couple of hours one Sunday.  I told myself that the 3 hours of rec time should tire them out so that I can return to working on the house. However, it didn't work and during that time I decided  to down three or four beers - rendering me useless. So I was buzzed and my kids were buzzing around, and the housework was still there waiting for me the following morning.  

During the average weekend we spend more time wondering aimlessly through Home Depot looking for that one screw we need that fell down the air duct.  By the end of the trip we purchased over $800.00 in new faucets and towel rods.  "I saw it on House Hunters" has become a common phrase in our marriage.  We are earning lots of reward points though, so we have that going for us.

It may seem like I am complaining - and I am.  But in reality the house is beautiful, my kids are starting to like it and its actually starting to look like a home.  My wife has installed a bunch of flooring and a faucet, painted a number of rooms, and in general has proven why she should be an interior designer. She still can't use a power tool to save her life - she used my impact driver to drill holes in the wall - just to spite me.

She's been so amazing that the contractor we have installing the doors said that she should quit her day job and I agree.  Great job on her part.

At night, I go outside and sit there and sometimes pinch myself.  I should be writing on my blog but I just go out there and soak in the peace and quiet.  Live is good, but busy.


  1. Your post gave me flashbacks to when we moved into a new house 4 years ago. I'm looking forward to reading your post the morning you are having a cup of coffee in your new house and realize its become your new home.

    Congrats on the new digs!!

  2. Thanks, hopefully that post will come some time in September.


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